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Ghana: being unstoppable during the pandemic with innovation

COVID-19 pandemic has been slowing down the economic growth globally, especially in Africa. Despite the daily increase in the number of confirmed cases, the Ghanaian distributor PPA from West Africa has bucked the trend, continued to enhance the local influence of the Chint, actively organized secondary distributor product training, created an Facebook electrician community, serviced online retail platform, maintained customer interaction, practice the "CHINT, by your side" service concept.

PPA is part of the TAGG (The Africa Ghana Group), is a trade, coil and engineering contracting in one of the electrical, measurement and automation service providers. Its partnership with CHINT commenced in 2012.

In the first half of 2020, PPA invested heavily in the key commercial VALCO (well-known as IPP) round about in the capital Accra, setting up two scalable billboards. Along with that, a promotional video of CHINT was professionally produced.

According to Mr. Kweku, Chairman of TAGG, the promotional video is based on electricians' daily work life and problems encountered. In this case, when their regular supplier failed to respond to the complaint, a CHINT logistics and service vehicle drives through busy streets. The electrician gives it a whirl and rings the hot line on the vehicle; the products are delivered unexpectedly in a professional and efficient manner.

In addition, TAGG allocated 3 logistic and service vehicles with CHINT products, further enhance CHINT brand awareness.

With joint efforts by our Ghana partner and CHINT WAA team, the brand influence has been more and more prenominant and even a renowned local brand in Ghana. Mr. Kweku has expressed his faith, though the pandemic has placed negative impact on Ghana and the rest of Africa, it is believed that with the electricity generation and new energy prevail in Ghana, CHINT will have a promising future.



Sunlight: Innovation Challenge at COVID-19 Pandemic
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