(CHINT and EGEMAC JV) was founded in Jan 2017 between a global Chinese electric ’enterprise CHINT and an Egyptian state-owned enterprise EGEMAC. CHINT accounts for 51% of the registered capital, and EGEMAC accounts for 49% of the registered capital.


CHINT-EGEMAC started operation since January 1st 2017, when we successfully developed a lot of our products in low voltage, according to the local market requirements like the LPK (Which is used in the kiosk), NXP(SDB) and the MDB. Also, we applied the NGC8 localization concept in Egypt.


For the past 3 years CHINT-EGEMAC took confident steps in the low voltage market and proving its trustable brand and pioneering innovations. Now, the products have been successfully applied to key core projects such as CBD construction in Egypt's new capital, government landmark commercial buildings and housing construction like Al Alamein and New Capital projects, public hospitals, national power system supporting, etc.,  the business expanded to multiple industries and extended to other countries in the Middle East and Africa.


In Jan 2020, CHINT-EGEMAC entered the medium voltage market through the production of the RMU up to 24 KV as well as having further developments in the production of capacitor banks.



CHINT-EGEMAC has adhered to the localized marketing strategy , building the intelligent sharing of global resources and collaborative business platform, and cooperating closely with local medium and high-end enterprises to achieve continuous and steady growth of global business, winning the title of the best factory in CHINT group 2 years in a row competing not only locally but also globally.


In 2019, at the promotion meeting of "Seeing by believing" of CHINT -EGEMAC.

CHINT -EGEMAC has positively taken on its social responsibilities and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with BHC consulting company, which will develop new courses for BHC consulting college, provide internships and employment opportunities for graduates of the college, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and establish a good image of Chinese Enterprises in Egypt.


CHINT-EGEMAC has adhered to people-oriented and value-sharing culture with the mission of “making the electric power even safer, convenient and efficient”.


CHINT-EGEMAC builds its image of sustainable innovation, reliability, comprehensiveness, and win-win cooperation with “customer-focused, humble learning, collaboration, responsibility “as core values, and creating values for customers, seeking career development of employees and taking on responsibilities for the society as operation concepts.




CHINT-EGEMAC is committed to provide optimum service to all our customers and insure the best after-sales service. Our moto will remain customer first.





Intelligent Electrical System

Intelligent Automation Informationization

Clean Energy, Environment Protection

Intelligent Manufacturing and High-end Equipment

Smart Business, Smart Home

Intelligent Electrical System


To focus on the development of efficient, reliable, intelligent electrical products and complete sets of equipment, the development of transmission and distribution used to cover the entire chain of electrical storage system solutions for the provision of energy-saving technology, ability


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