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Integrity and Compliance is the cornerstone of enterprise sustainable development and the lifeline of an enterprise. To guarantee the sustainable development and to protect its core values which are “customer-focus, innovation, modest in learning, integrity, collaboration, responsibility”, CHINT Group sets out this Integrity and Compliance Programme and demands all its subsidiaries, employees and business partners to implement.


Our pillars

To be strong, workable and efficient, our ICP is built on fundamental pillars ensuring its success.


First Pillar - Our rules reflecting the highest international standards

The Code of Integrity, Compliance and Business Conduct (the “Code”), and the standard operational policies (the “SOP”) and instructions and guidelines adopted at the level of each entity of CHINT in application of the Code.


CHINT expects its employees at all levels and Business Partners to conduct their activities in compliance with this Code and the SOP and in accordance with the highest legal, ethical and professional standards.


Second Pillar - Our Risk Management and Assessment

The risk management and assessment is the procedure to identify, prioritize, and assign accountability for managing existing or potential threats related inter alia to Misconducts, organized in accordance with the three lines of defence model, consisting of the operational managers, the Compliance Department, the Legal Department and the functional department (such as Finance, HR and Operation Control, Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality Control and IT etc.), and the internal Audit Department, in order to allow indentifying, assessing, apprehending, mitigating and preventing the risks, including the integrity and compliance risks.


Third Pillar - Our ICP Task Force

Our ICP Task Force regroups the members of the Compliance Department working with the support of the members of the Legal Department, the members of the Board of Supervisors and our ICP Ambassadors in the departments in charge with the Finance, HR and Operation Control, Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality Control, Audit and IT etc.


The Compliance Department is organised as a department at level of CHINT Group Corporation with adequate level of autonomy and resources to act in full independence and is involved in and responsible for all actions for the implementation, the supervision, the assessment and the improvement of our ICP.


Our actions

The efficiency and effectiveness of the ICP are based on specific practical actions.  


Our actions to prevent

Unimpeded Accesses to Information through numerous communication channels;


Extensive Training Programs covering all employees and business partners;


Accurate and Comprehensive Record Keeping to make informed business decision and develop a strategic plan;


Incentive Mechanism to develop the culture of report;


Collective Actions to improve business standards of compliance, transparency, and accountability.


Our actions to detect

Duty to Report with unimpeded communication channels


Compliance Controls of the Application of the ICP by Compliance Reviews and Compliance Investigations


Our actions to respond and to remedy

When Misconduct is detected or reported, the Compliance Department shall respond and remedy through disciplinary measures, disclosure measures, improvement of CHINT’s ICP and additional training measures.





See more details of ICP:


Integrity and Compliance Statement of Board of Directors of CHINT Group.pdf


Overview of Code of Integrity, Compliance and Business Conduct.pdf



Hotline: 021-67777777-880080

Email: compliance@chint.com


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