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CHINT and BYD Join Hands to Serve the British New Energy Market

On March 23,  BYD and CHINT's energy storage project order delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai. This is also the implementation of specific projects following the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between BYD and CHINT Global on October 21, 2020, aimed at cooperation in the fields of energy storage, smart rail transit, and semiconductors. The cooperation between the two parties will continue to deepen, work together to focus on global carbon neutral opportunities, provide new technologies and new kinetic energy to ensure reliable power supply and efficient use of new energy, so as to accelerate the effective integration of relevant solutions into all links of the power system. 

As many countries have successively proposed specific timetables for carbon neutrality goals, and the new energy industry represented by photovoltaics has developed rapidly, a high proportion of renewable energy has put forward higher requirements on the flexible regulation ability of the power system and brought important development to related energy services opportunities. At the same time,  manufacturing in China has reached a key node for high-quality development, which has driven the rapid rise of emerging industries, and leading companies in various fields to take action.

With "Power New Energy" as its main channel, CHINT has built a multi-energy complementary smart energy system under the strategic leadership of "one cloud and two networks", providing a package of energy solutions for public institutions, industry and commerce, and end-users, and is able to serve the delivery needs of customer solutions with a flexible, efficient and intelligent industrial system.

It is reported that this project is the first time for BYD related products to be equipped with medium voltage electrical solutions to serve overseas customers. CHINT won the bid for this project in January this year, tailored a complete set of medium voltage systems for PCS for the project, and launched the first batch of deliveries in March, fully demonstrating CHINTt's rapid response and customized manufacturing delivery capabilities. 

The medium-voltage PCS system jointly provided by CHINT and BYD this time can efficiently realize the primary and secondary integration of the substation system, and has many advantages such as small footprint, simple installation, reliable operation, investment saving, and convenient maintenance. It can also obtain battery pack status information through CAN interface and BMS communication, dry contact transmission, etc., to achieve protective charging and discharging of the battery, to ensure the safe operation of the battery, and to accurately and quickly adjust the output voltage, frequency and power. 



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