CHINT empower national strength in novel coronavirus battle

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus led the shortage of medical suppliers and wards. On the afternoon of Jan 23, Wuhan Municipal Government decided to build the Huoshenshan Hospital in 6 days to receive and treat the novel coronavirus patients. Two days later, the Government again decided to build another emergency hospital, Leishenshan Hospital within half a month. This is a microcosm of amzing and incredable Chinese Speed.

Race against time and life: CHINT empower Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospital construction

As a supplier of electrical equipment, Wuhan Huazhong CHINT Electromechanical Control Equipment Co., Ltd., a retailor of CHINT in Hubei Province, provided products for the two hospitals including ATS, MCCB, contactor, etc.

In order to ensure the equipment to be delivered and applied promotely and smoothly, the company quickly launched into action and dedicated to support the construction. Around the clock, they raced against time and life, making every effort to support the epidemic prevention work with high-quality products and services.

As of the morning of Jan 29, the pre-construction equipment has been put into operation. At present, the company was mainly providing power cabinet, internal lighting components and distribution boxes for operating rooms and ICU wards. All the work is going on orderly.

Global action, CHINT allocated one million dollars for emergency procurement of medical supplies in anti-novel coronavirus

Led by Chairman Nan, CHINT acted rapidly to urgently purchased more than one million dollars of medical protective materials worldwide, contributing to epidemic prevention as a private enterprise.

Currently, medical protective suits purchased by CHINT in the USA and surgical masks purchased in India, Russia and Germany were being sent back to China through international logistics channels. These medial supplies will be donated to Zhejiang designated medical institutions in need of materials through relevant institutions. At the same time, the Commonweai Foundation of CHINT has carried out public welfare actions to fighting against the novel coronavirus, and coordinated various resources to continuously and urgently purchase medical protective materials.

Preventing and controlling the novel coronavirus, CHINT has been on the way

As a provider of smart energy solutions, CHINT transmited authoritative epidemic prevention and control information through the mobile APP of a large number of users of photovoltaic power stations. Furthermore, in order to ensure stable operation of designated medical institutions, CHINT's electrical equipment has been put into use. NOARK also set up a 24-hour on-call technical service team to provide round-the-clock technical services to ensure uninterrupted power supply for medical equipment.

As a member of the society, the most important task at present is to unite as one, to provide moral encouragement and material support. "In the face of the novel coronavirus, we are a community of common destiny, but also a community of responsibility, CHINT should actively participate in the rescue." said Chairman Nan.


"CHINT, Turn on the Love" for Indian NISE
"CHINT, Turn on the Love" for Indian NISE
CHINT Electrics won Round Table "Best Board of Directors" Award
CHINT Electrics won Round Table "Best Board of Directors" Award
CHINT fully promote the resumption of production and work
CHINT fully promote the resumption of production and work
CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery
CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery
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